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Thursday, November 8, 2018

MIN - Rewards that are right for the elapsed time

Time is a whole series when it is a process, an action, and a situation is in or going on. Time is the most important asset that is often wasted by many people. Every second becomes very valuable because the future depends on how well time is used. Many people cannot manage their time well, even though there are many activities that must be done. As a result, all these activities did not go well. The more advanced technology, everyone is easier to manage their time well. Many new tools with physical and digital forms have emerged, one of which is MIN. MIN is a platform that works for the time each person has. This platform can calculate the amount of money that must be received by someone for the time that has been spent. The system in MIN is flexible and can calculate payments every minute of time issued with tokens as a tool in using this platform.


MIN can also be used as a system that regulates gift giving when a task is completed. This function is right for various organizations or communities. Prizes given appropriately will stimulate all members to always carry out their duties properly. Not only for humans, but MIN can also be used on other platforms. In this platform, there is also a facility called MIN Rewarding Engine that can be used to record other online platform time. So other platforms can use MIN to add value by giving gifts to members who are often active on the platform.


A uniqueness of MIN is a unique and valuable gift someone will get when wasting his time. This unique gift will make someone feel more valued so they are tempted to use their time for important things. Apart from that uniqueness, there are also some benefits that will be obtained when using MIN, as follows:
  1. There will be no more parties who get excessive bills for the services they receive.
  2. There are no more parties who get less the right reward for the time they have spent.
  3. Justice that is obtained by both parties for their cooperation is more guaranteed because MIN uses an average level of specific prices in calculating each price. In addition, prices are also determined based on the number of factors such as the skills and experience they already have.
  4. Relations between professional parties and their clients will be maintained because of the presence of MIN.

MIN Token & Wallet

The offer of MIN tokens is 10,000,000,000 MIN, of which 60 percent has been sold during ICO and the remaining 40 percent will be sold to MIN clients for the next 3 to 4 years. Tokens on the MIN platform will be placed in a facility called MIN wallet. The MIN wallet is a place that is used to pay or earn money for the cooperation done. Digital or online wallet. Inside this wallet contains the amount of balance that can be exchanged for real money. The MIN payment process is very easy, a code is used in the collaboration. Then the payment settlement will be done automatically when the time meter is turned off.

With the MIN platform that regulates payments from time, it is expected to be able to make everyone more tempted to make the most of their time. Another hope is that no more workers or professionals who get paid do not match the work that has been completed so that all parties will get welfare and justice.

Token Sale Info

Price in ICO
0.0228 USD
Tokens for sale
Min. investment
300 XLM
Soft cap
300,000,000 MIN
Hard cap
6,000,000,000 MIN

Team & Advisors

  • Ali Magzoub - CEO 
  • Marko Prljic - UX DESIGNER 
  • Yahya O’Noor - Community manager 
  • Vilim Duganic - Developer 
  • Vedran Vidakovic - Developer 
  • Nebojsa Stojanovic - Developer 
  • Fatmah Mustapha - Developer 
  • Michael Angelo D. Magat - Developer 
  • Roldan Unne Torralba - Developer 
  • Abed Alzain - Stellar Developer 
  • Mharco Cayabyab - Developer
  • Joshuwa Roomsburg - Strategic Advisor
  • Robert D. Knight - Marketing Advisor
  • Hisham Alem - Operation and Scheduling Advisor

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Vendio - The crypto advertising platform

Ads on a website that are already familiar are listed at the top or bottom of a web page. This time that will be discussed is a video-shaped advertisement in the blockchain world called Vendio. What is Vendio? The following will be explained in this article.

Vendio is a digital advertising platform designed to take into account videos. This platform bridges the communication gap between the publisher's media, the interest of viewers and advertisers by connecting relevant advertisements to the publisher's media consumed by viewers. This platform is built around smart contracts that are run using Vendio tokens. Vendio implements an ownership tagging algorithm that is added to parts of the video content at a specified time for the duration of a particular video, selected by the publisher. These tags accurately describe the visual content that is displayed for the selected duration of time. Data in tags and asset information are then shared with prospective publishers of the publisher's choice, who then selects the best ad to match the specific content marked by the publisher.


VendiCoins is a token created with the purpose of using the Vendio platform that will allow members to use involved in all functions in the application. VendiCoins is a utility token that gives the owner privileges when using the Vendio platform and services. VendiCoins are not securities. VendiCoins are available at discounts during ICO & Pre-ICO events.

The benefits of Vendi tokens for some parties are as follows: 
  1. Advertiser
    Advertisers use VENDI tokens for the following things;
    • Gas price feeds involved in bidding to run ad campaigns on publisher content.
    • Price of the feed gas is involved in launching advertising campaigns.
    • Price of feed gas involved in rewarding publishers for encouraging delivery to campaigns on content.
    • Price of feed gas involved in a funding account.
    • Giving gifts to viewers with VENDI tokens because they are involved in their advertisements.
    • Big discount for using VENDI instead of fiat.
    • Advertisers with 5000 or more VENDI tokens stored on the platform get a large discount on the price per click
  2. Viewers
    Viewers use the VENDI token as follows;
    • Price of feed gas involved in withdrawing account funds.
    • Spend VENDI tokens generated on products and services offered by advertisers.
    • Donate VENDI to publishers making their favorite content.
    • VENDI token users get a large discount on the vendor's website when clicking on the ad link.
    • Platform users are rewarded with VENDI tokens by referring to the new sign up to the platform (Not valid for token sale)
  3. Publisher
    Publishers use the VENDI token as follows;
    • Gas price feeds involved in the content list.
    • Price of feed gas involved in withdrawing account funds.
    • Giving gifts to viewers with VENDI tokens as an incentive to share content.
    • Big discount for using VENDI instead of fiat.

Token Sale Overview

SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

The Vendi Crew

  • Ricky Diaz - Founder | CEO
  • Anthony Drake - Software Development Project Manager
  • Karin Shaw - Chief of Staff
  • David Lehre - Media Influencer
  • Cess Laguardia - Community Manager
  • Milendrasinh Jadeja - Project Manager
  • Rohit Rathod - Frontend Developer
  • Vishal Parshana - QA/QC Tester
  • Maksud Belim - Software Developer
  • Alpesh Koyani - Software Developer
  • Brent Feldman - Crypto / Marketing Advisor
  • Tyler Fumero - Crypto / Marketing Advisor
  • Ivan Begunov - Business Consultant / Advisor
  • Corey Jackson - Crypto Advisor
  • Sergei Motov - Legal Advisor

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Monday, July 30, 2018 - Global Accessible Cryptocurrency Exchange

There is a strong need for global cryptocurrency for fiat exchanges that can be used in the maximum number of countries around the world. has basically done that in India and they are working to add new countries every day to the testing platform. wants to make it easy on the minds of users who use cryptocurrency to be used as a means of exchange and trade, rather than just looking at complex investment assets. The exchange has a very large and complicated interface that is a non-merchant environment or just messy in terms of fiat money to cryptocurrency conversion. is working to simplify how one can exchange their cryptocurrencies with fiat and vice versa. intends to make user interface and user experience very simple and very intuitive. The interface is inherently very simple and easy to see, along with the Live Chat and Ticket System for handrails and support.

Ethx started his journey, 8 months ago as one of the first Ethereum exchanges in India. The motto of ethx is to launch is simple, then ethx wants to make an easy-to-use exchange, which is fast, secure and also serves as a wallet. After 8 months have passed, now Ethx is now opening the gates to the world by launching


Although blockchain itself has been able to solve many macro-level problems, the advantages of this amazing technology have not been a direct benefit to end users. We are trying to create a platform that will allow even non-technical people to easily use cryptocurrency and blockchain. This project works on additional features.
  • Most cryptocurrency exchanges are made with attention to advanced users, so when someone maps their path on this side of the world, they are afraid of jargon.
  • Poor Technical Architecture is what we see, at present, when it comes to exchanges and merchant services associated with cryptocurrency. They are put together in an ad-hoc way and it shows. The truth is they have to work from the ground up. The ethx platform is currently built to scale, our system can handle millions of transactions every minute and can be upgraded automatically, to handle spikes.
  • Security has become one of the main reasons why exchanges lose client trust and fail. In ethx, we apply some level of security and encryption to the infrastructure and web level. To ensure the security of the client's assets, only 3% of the assets held in the hot wallet, the rest are automatically transferred to cold storage managed by redundant servers in Tier 4 data centers.
  • Lack of liquidity is another disturbing problem, the existing system. Ethx has been trusted by tens of thousands of users who actively trade on the platform. With transactions running tens of millions of dollars, liquidity has never been a problem on our platform.
  • Customer support usually goes beyond when it comes to exchanges, we pride ourselves in creating a double level support team to ensure that our users are never stranded high and dry. We intend to provide live chat and email support at all times to ensure that user questions are addressed immediately.

The solution 

The essence of is making blockchain accessible to everyone, it means that users should be able to benefit directly from the technology. After much planning and thinking provided by the team and adviser, decides to issue features in a way that will ensure that it is an inclusive platform, benefiting the end user. Currently, is building a platform that will add functionality, in terms of features, gradually ensuring that end users can actually have easy access to the blockchain. will start with a global cryptocurrency exchange, which will give users the freedom to exchange their virtual currency into fiat and vice versa. Posts create ecosystems with convenient crypto-to-fat conversion and will focus energy into Enterprise offering.

Ethx Coin will issue a complaint of the Ethereum token with ERC20 to be referred to as ethx token or ethx coin. A total supply of 100 million tokens will be issued. This token can be used to: 
  1. They can be exploited against Trade fees at 
  2. They can also be used for crypto withdrawal charges.
  3. Payment of goods and services after the merchant's service launch. 
  4. After the second quarter, 25% of our own profit will be used to buy back tokens from the market and then destroyed until inventory reaches 50%. This will be done up to 50 million tokens burned and will ensure a fair economy

Cryptocurrency supported will support the following coins:
  1. Bitcoin - BTC 
  2. Ethereum - ETH 
  3. Ethx Coin - ETHX (Launch in July 2018) 
  4. Litecoin - LTC
  5.  NEO (Coming soon)
  6.  SIA (Coming soon)
More coins will be added as per user request, after security permit and scalability test blockchain. That was a brief explanation of with their tokens. What are you waiting for? immediately join and invest in it for mutual success.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Traveler - Offers the lowest cost in the market for business and Travel

Traveling is one of the activities that in each person as one of the entertainment in his life. Because by traveling at least refresh the brain from the saturation of daily routine. In traveling, of course, we need some things like lodging, flights, or cars and other travel services. Therefore, becomes the solution. is a travel platform that receives cryptocurrency for hotel bookings, flights, car rentals and other travel services with a zero profit margin added to the net price paid by customers to the aggregator. In other words, is a crypto discount-based travel aggregation platform that offers lower prices on travel products and services to consumers than traditional outlets, via internal real-time crypto for fiat exchanges and use of original Tourist toll utilities. developed a $ 7.6 trillion global travel industry today by receiving cryptocurrency and including the use of TVLR tokens. encourages savings by combining content and the lowest price possible from resellers at the best price worldwide. Optimal savings of up to 60% are forwarded to the customer. The goal of is to offer the lowest cost in the market for both business and leisure.

The TVLR token sale enables to:
  • An exclusive discount for TVLR token holders
  • Increased offerings and content with more suppliers and resellers through direct contracts and best net seller rates without markup.
  • The secure platform for crypto holders to spend on Travel Services, with a continuous range of Travel Products and Services, including Cruises, Luxury Tours and Safaris and other premium products almost never discounted in the retail market.

TripX and TripX have interrelated relationships with each other. The relationship is beneficial for both parties. TripX will take the solution to the supplier market and drive a large number of content offerings for TripX will develop blockchain for the travel industry, which specifically focuses on Payment Solutions.

TripX payment solutions will provide travel companies with significant savings across all office related expenses related to billing, invoicing, reconciliation, audit, commission management, and payments. Intelligent Contract Development and real-time payment solutions will offer significant savings and efficiency. In many cases, these customers will then become suppliers for In the process, TripX will also encourage significant awareness of the offer, and special opportunities with suppliers and bring it to

TVLR Token

Traveler.Com launches tokens that are named with TVLR tokens. This token is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum platform. This token is used in transactions on the platform Payment gateway designed for the TVLR project represents a means of payment based on the use of a TVLR token to cover a portion of the travel expenses. It is designed using an API-based microservices architecture that communicates with blockchain.

The main advantage of the payment gateway is to lower the transactional costs for payments made through the platform. This means that overall travel savings will increase, allowing all customers to spend more for less and less experience on airline tickets, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and other travel expenses. Another advantage is the ability to choose our own provider and create exclusive partnerships with bigger discounts than other players in the market. The use of TVLR token to cover expenses also allows the user to purchase this token using cryptocurrency and put them all together in one token.

That's the explanation of Wait let alone let's choose on your way. And for investors please join in mutual success.

ICO Crowd Sale Details

Team & Advisors

  • Michael Culhane - CEO
  • Rees Morgan - CTO
  • Alex Pellegrino - Founder
  • Sasha Favelukis - CFO
  • David Metzler - CMO
  • Mandy Budare - Community Manager
  • Allyson Robinson - Administrative Manager
  • Landis White - VP of Product
  •  Brad Yasar - Advisor, Co-founder & Managing Partner of KrowdMentor
  • Craig Carter - Advisor, President & CEO of LUXE Travel Management
  • Jeff Hoffman - Advisor, Co-Founder, Former CEO & Chairman of
  • Jason Pontin - Advisor, Former CEO & Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Technology Review
  • Bryan Larkin - Advisor, CTO of Blockchain Industries, Founder and CEO of SKYLab Technologies, Original designer of MySpace

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Saturday, July 21, 2018


Many companies in the transportation industry have been successful, but none of them succeed without creating social damage. Though customers are not only looking for trendy services but also that have the best quality and sustainable security with low price competition. In addition, the transportation industry has huge potential for demand in large cities that reach the US $ 285 billion in 2030. A survey data says that 91% of drivers are working part-time to increase their income and 87% for non-fixed income. This industry can actually contribute greatly to the economy of a country. But with the problems that occur cause the difficult economy to advance with such potential.


RedCab LLC is a decentralized blockchain-tech enterprise. Aims to provide affordable, transparent, and well-suited services in everyday life, and make the company the right solution to ever-increasing global demand and address peer-to-peer (P2P) transportation issues. RedCab LLC, established in 2016 always ensures every customer trip gets the best service and guaranteed security so that customer satisfaction can be fulfilled.


The quality of existing equipment at RedCab LLC has proven to be able to reach many countries without any high price/cost spike during holidays or bad weather. Evidence that RedCab LLC has given its best service can be seen from the categorization of car models that are done in between:
  1. Economy Cabin: With less fuel consumption showing lower rates. This model is suitable for daily travel.
  2. Luxury Cabin: Luxury car service for customers who want to arrive at the destination with a little style and do not mind the additional cost.
  3. Family Cab: Model cars with larger sizes and destined for families who will travel long.
  4. Red Cab: Supermodel car with red color for customers who are willing to pay a lot for a valuable journey.

Some of the services offered by this company are car-hailing, carpooling (get a ride/travel companion through multi-drop off and location pickup), hotel & airport transportation, delivery service and pick up service. These services can be enjoyed through the RedCab LLC app which will be available on Google Play and the App Store making it easy for customers to download it. The RedCab LLC app can be customized with 6 languages that will reach the global scale. In addition, this application can be integrated with various travel routes/family so easy to ensure the security and comfort of family members. Customers can also arrange travel schedules through timers and notifications, so customer activity will run smoothly.


Benefits are not only obtained by customers only, there will be many parties who benefit from RedCab LLC include:
  1. Customers
    • The waiting time becomes less
    • There will be a free trip for customers who frequently travel with RedCab LLC
    • Rates are low and there will be no dynamic rates
    • The number of choices of car models that can be tailored to travel
  2. Driver
    • Extra income
    • Flexible working hours
    • A large selection of transportation service options
    • 100% commission will be given to the driver without any cost cut
  3. Hotel & Restaurant
    • Service can be done more efficiently
    • Can make big savings without a new delivery fleet
    • Income earned will be more with promotional ads and discounts


RedCab LLC is run using blockchain technology and required tokens to enjoy its services. The token will be made depending on the number of driver's supply. The number of tokens will decrease if many drivers are on the road as it inhibits the formation of tokens. It can increase the sale value of tokens. RedCab LLC will also contribute to the progress of blockchain by investing 5% of its annual profits on ICOs that have just entered the market. In addition, RedCab LLC has a referral program, whereby if someone refers a service to another person then the person will get additional tokens. Additional tokens reach 3 levels, the more referring more tokens are obtained.

Token Sale Details

Token Sale Schedule June 22 - August 15, 2018
Purchase Token Ethereum
Price Token2.333 REDC / 1 ETH
Bonus 15%
Total Supply -


Members Mohamed Mousa - Co-Founder & CEO
Walid ElGendy - Co-Founder & CBO
Asser Yehia - Co-Founder & CTO
Mohamed Ameen - Co-Founder & Creative Director
Fadi Nashed - Founder & COO
Amr - Chief Trading Officer | Co-Founder At Bitpeaks.Com
Anna Basters - Community Manager
Majed Morsi - Media Content Creator
Ragy Albeer - Team Lead Front-End Development
Hassan Hussien - Animation Manager
Hala Salah Eldin - Senior Web Designer
Ahmad Dewanto - Campaign Manager
Advisors Stefan Bergström - Business Strategic Advisor
Danny J. Christ - ICO Advisor
Daniil Morozov - Advisor
Salma ElHariry - Founder & CEO - SkaleUP Ventures
Farooq A. Rahim - Technical Advisor
Alaa Gabr - Advisor - IT Business Consulting - Dell
Amr Tantawy - Field Channel Manager - Oracle
Ahmed ElShawa - Support Escalation Engineer - Microsoft
Yasser Ameen - Senior Technical Engineer - Kaspersky Lab
Mohsen Deeb - Chief Executive Officer At Anzma|Tech
Binod Nirvan - Smart Contract Advisor
Richard Trummer - ICO Advisor
Mohammed Ebrahim - Board Member & Advisor

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