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Monday, November 12, 2018

Investment Legal Lottery with GG World Lottery

Investment is important in preparing for the future. There are various types of investments with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Not only in the form of physical or offline, investment in online or digital forms has also been done. When investing is different, there are investments that will be profitable in the long run, there are also profitable investments in a short time. However, usually, the type of investment that is profitable in a short time is influenced by luck. One type of investment is a lottery.

The lottery is one form of gambling with lots of prizes. Lottery activities began in the early 20th century. Actually, lotteries or other types of gambling were considered illegal by many countries, including the United States, one of the largest countries in the world. Some countries in Europe also apply the same thing, but after World War II began to increase countries that legalize lottery activities. The winnings obtained from lottery activities depend on a number of things including the number of possible numbers that have come out, the order of the numbers, and the possibility of further withdrawals for numbers drawn and returned.

Important Points In the GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery is a legal company that accommodates investment in the form of lotteries with full licenses and has been regulated by the government. GG World Lottery has a global scale and has a high level of transparency. There are 4 important points that describe the GG World Lottery, namely:
  1. Innovation.
    GG World Lottery became the first online lottery company with legal status. Other innovations are in the use of technology. The technology used in the GG World Lottery is True Random Number Generator technology based on blockchain or Ethereum Smart Contract in its transparency. The technology has also been certified by Gaming Laboratories International, a popular gaming company.
  2. Experience.
    Everyone involved in the establishment of the GG World Lottery and its operational activities is people who have experience in this field. One of them is the CEO of the GG World Lottery, a lottery expert and founder of Lotto America, later known as Powerball, Mark Hutchinson. Mark's ability in the gambling world is no doubt. With experience, the development of the GG World Lottery is guaranteed in the hands of these people.
  3. Global expansion.
    With the legal status that has been granted, GG World Lottery will raise lottery activities to various countries, especially countries that legalize lottery activities. Global expansion starts from the continent of Africa, South America, to Asia. 10 NDA agreements with the official governing body of lottery activities in these countries have been signed. However, it is possible that the GG World Lottery will enter another continent besides the continent.
  4. Success.
    Success is one of the important points that describe the GG World Lottery because this company is not just talking about plans, but everything has been done well. The GG World Lottery feels very responsible for the best and unique results in each device in lottery activities.

One form of GG World Lottery readiness is to provide a lottery activity for anyone before the crowdsale takes place. Everyone only needs to visit or after which the lottery can be played immediately and investment activities can be started as soon as possible.

Roadmap and Benefits of GG Coin Tokens

There is one main tool used in carrying out activities on the GG World Lottery. The tool is called a token called GG COIN. Tokens that have this GGC symbol are made using ERC-20. Total tokens to be made are 500,000,000 GGC at a price of $ 1 per 1 GGC. The following are important times in purchasing GGC tokens:

Besides being able to use every facility on the GG World Lottery, the owners of tokens will also get several other benefits, namely the receipt of results based on the Jackpot prize won. Dividend receipts will also be obtained in a period of 3 months in accordance with the amount of the token.

Team & Advisors


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Monday, January 15, 2018

SP8DE - Blockchain-based platform for developing distributed games

SP8DE are created and managed by IOHK scientists, a pioneer in blockchain innovation and cryptographic development, whose goal is to revolutionize the gaming industry. SP8DE goal is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar gambling industry for the first since the creation of the internet. Online i-games are an industry without a future: centralized and Unclear, online casinos that currently exist can only offer silly home sides, uncertainty in payment processing, into and vice versa and the need to rely on randomness generated elsewhere. SP8DE is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed game applications.

SP8DE is built on Ouroboros, the most advanced POS Protocol underlying the Cardano.Proof-Of-Stake blockchain (POS) is efficient in terms of cost and time. Cardano is a beam of progress that shines forward towards the future of distributed applications.

SP8DE are built on a blockchain called Cardano. The Cardano project is a monumental work that embraces the best practices and the farthest innovations to the point of Cryptococcus and packs them into a cutting-edge system.

SP8DE uses Cardano to design its ecosystem and by solving commonly associated problems with on-chain casinos:
  1. Transaction costs and scalability
  2. Generation of random numbers
  3. Scripting language tailored to flexibility and finance
Can be concluded that Cardano is scalable, safe, complex and elegant. With Cardano as the backbone, Spade is set to be the best of its kind.

The advantages of SP8DE are:
  1. No centralization. No one has control over the game. It is open source. And if you want to change the rules, it should be accepted by the public. Hence, the house simply can not make its own rules. It makes it impossible to fool the system.
  2. Transparency. Everyone can see what happens in the game, all recorded publicly in the blockchain. No one can change the data.
  3. Players do not have to wait for banks or credit card companies to agree on their transactions to deposit money and online casinos no longer await these third parties paying their players. Every transaction is almost instant and close to zero by using SPX Tokens. 

Token distribution begins on Friday, December 08, 2017 and ends on Monday, February 12, 2018, and is scheduled. Pre-sale lasts for 14 days while each sales phase will be seven days followed by the Jackpot it is distributed entirely within one day after every sale. As long as additional token Jackpots are given to each Sale participant (including Pre-Sale) - token distributions are randomly generated by different weight factors (see full white paper for details). In short, the first one buys more tokens to be allocated to them - for example, if you buy during Pre-Sale you will receive more evidence during Jackpots I, II, III, and IV; While if you buy during Sales III then you will only receive tokens from Jackpots III and IV. Also, before you buy more "weights" (or an opportunity to take a larger share of Jackpots) your token will be there during the Jackpot phase.

Team & Advisors

Alexey Kashirsky CEO & Co-Founder
Mikhail Krapivnoi CIO & Co-Founder
Evgeny Borchers CVO & Co-Founder
Alexander Baykiev CMO & Co-founder
Sergey Novomlintsev CBDO
Renata Galikbarova Marketing
Dmitry Lipnikov Blockchain Architect
Zhusup Bolotbekov Blockchain Developer & Gaming
Radion Martynsh Sales Manager
Lyubomir Serafimov Operations Advisor
Konstantin Ten Financial Advisor
Artemy Zorin Graphics Design Advisor


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