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Monday, November 12, 2018

Let's Manage the Use of Carbon Credit with Poseidon

At present climate change is of particular concern to various countries. All countries should take action to reduce adverse effects to keep the earth safe. The biggest factor that causes climate change is due to human behavior that does not protect the environment. Bad man's behavior causes natural carbon on the earth to disappear and greenhouse gases to increase. The earth becomes feasible for humans because of the atmosphere that keeps the temperature of the earth. With the increase in greenhouse gases, harmful gases trap heat in the atmosphere layer which then gives it to the earth so that the earth's temperature changes.

Various policies have been carried out by governments in various countries to reduce climate change. One policy that is mostly done is to limit carbon use by all parties. Each party is required to buy carbon from the government but with a limited quota. If a party requires more carbon than a quota, then the party must buy it from the quota of the other party. In addition, all parties are also required to do something that has a positive impact on the environment.


Poseidon is a platform that cares about climate change has tried to help all parties reduce the negative impact on the earth's climate from the activities carried out. Currently, carbon credits are traded in tons, Poseidon has the vision to trade in units of grams. The programs established by Poseidon force their clients to carry out activities that have a positive impact on the environment. One of Poseidon's programs is donations collected from its clients. The donation will be used for environmental protection activities. In addition to the program, Poseidon has other differences that make Poseidon better than its competitors:

Blockchain and Stellar technology

Poseidon uses blockchain technology with Stellar as its partner to unite the carbon market with the retail sector. Stellar was chosen because the platform is the only one that offers scalability and matches the values ​​in Poseidon. In addition, the Stellar platform uses less electricity which is in line with carbon reduction efforts. The electricity used by Stellar is far less than that used by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and VISA. With technology and selected partners, retailers will be able to sell carbon credits on each product to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.


There are 2 main things on the Poseidon platform namely OCEAN and CARBONCREDIT. The OCEAN Token is a tool to buy CARBONCREDIT, which CARBONCREDIT is used to regulate ownership of carbon credits. A total of 36 billion OCEAN tokens have been created and no token combustion or additional supply of tokens has been burned. OCEAN token purchases can be made on the secondary market or Poseidon's liquidity pool. 30% of the number of tokens made will be allocated to the liquidity pool.


The main thing that is asked by each party to reduce carbon is the cost that must be spent. With Poseidon, costs no longer have to be a mess. Poseidon uses AI that can calculate carbon quantities in real-time and provides recommendations for activities that are more environmentally friendly. In addition, AI can also predict the urgency of offsets and the number of funds that must be given to projects that require large funds. Poseidon uses 80% of its funds from the sale of OCEAN tokens to buy carbon credits at wholesale prices. Although Poseidon is a new platform in the market since May 2018, Poseidon managed to achieve success in a short time. The following is the Poseidon roadmap for 2018 and 2019:

With the addition of agreements signed between clients, companies and the government, it shows that Poseidon has become the platform with the biggest blockchain technology in the carbon credit market.

Team & Advisors

  • Laszlo Giricz - Founder and CEO
  • Chidi Akutu - COO
  • Cesare Tagliaferri - CTO
  • Ian Briggs  - CINO
  • Alexander Gnauck - CCO
  • Brad Yasar - Business Strategy 
  • Michael Cutler - Lead Developer 
  • David Parejo - Business Development Manager
  • Willie Thompson - Communications Manager
  • Abyel Mehari - Community Manager
  • Lisa Walker - Climate Change Expert
  • Rene Velasquez - Carbon Markets Expert
  • Jessica Verhagen - Carbon Trading Expert
  • David Webb - Technology Expert
  • Justin Mundy - Former Director The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit
  • Kristin Rechberger - Founder and CEO Dynamic Planet
  • Peter McCullagh - Founder and Managing Partner TenX Ventures Inc
  • Anthony Hobley - Chief Executive Officer Carbon Tracker Initiative

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Aenco - The First Blockchain-Based Health Finance Solutions Platform in the World

Hello all, how are you? Back again with me on my blog. This time I will discuss an ICO project called Aencoin. Surely you are wondering what is Aenco. Take it easy, I'll cover it all here. Without further ado, I'll just explain it.

Aenco is the World's First Blockchain-Based Health Solutions Platform. Of course, Aenco has several features, among others, namely:
  1. Utilizing healthcare technologies with institutional financing, major brokers, and smart capital solutions under one umbrella.
  2. "One-Stop Shop" for the delivery of institutional funding, major brokers, and core smart solutions for the HealthTech industry, as well as a research and collaboration center for healthcare companies and projects involved in blockchain development.
  3. Incorporates its core financial solutions and ecosystem platform with a broader community of healthcare technologies, through the AEN token, as a major ecosystem building block and extension throughout its services and community delivery.
  4. Empower emerging and innovative healthcare companies with digital financing capabilities, so they can focus on generating potentially high technology and impacting the world and everyday life.
  5. Supported by planned infrastructure planned by the group (including the establishment of commercial banks in groups) and attendance in major jurisdictions including Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States, where Aenco will effectively provide solutions, resulting in rapidly expanding and ecosystems.

Aenco has three ecosystem solutions, three of which are:
  1. IB Aenco Solutions
    • ICO Integrity Program for HealthTech Projects and Communities
    • Trade Exchange for HealthTech Participants
    • Sustainable Research and Data Analysis for Customers and Issuers
  2. Prime Aenco solution
    • Aenco Platform for Decentralized Central Brokers
  3. Aenco SmartCap Solution
    • Technologically driven financial platform for the HealthTech Industry Alternative Financing

Aenco will develop its core technology that will facilitate the deployment of HealthTech's financial solutions platform, keeping in mind the service objectives below, but not limited to, the following:
  • Provide a platform for digital financial solutions but not limited to the sponsor of the HealthTech token offering, the list and scope of research for prospective token publishers, pursued in the path of an accredited regulatory framework and submitted on the basis of the gold standard of best practice
  • Provide an in-house developed exchange trading platform (AENX) for the main cryptocurrency, AEN Token, and our sponsored HealthTech partner token
  • Facilitate secondary market liquidity for AEN Tokens and HealthTech partner tokens sponsored through AENX and other external exchanges
  • Offers a decentralized and secure care service for digital assets
  • Validate client publishers through deep financial, legal, and business due diligence
  • The scope of the initial and ongoing research across all sponsored partners and token offerings and monitoring of the company's performance and performance token offerings, with a view, to continuously engaging and updating our community to increase participation, awareness, and discussion of projects the
  • Provide a decentralized prime broker service platform to initiate sustainable liquidity on digital assets such as cryptocurrency-based loans, loans, structured products and over-the-counter services, including AEN tokens and token-sponsored as eligible guarantees against another large cryptocurrency financing
  • Integrate AEN Token with our ultimate virtual financial services (as governed by full-service banking licenses in the EU) to fuel and reward communities through the delivery of banking services such as deposit-taking, domestic and cross-country fund transfers, foreign exchange transactions , fiat currency clearing, investment product distribution, asset management and alternative financing services such as receivable financing, bridge financing, and secured loans.

Aenco is supported by the Aenco ecosystem and the Aeneas Group companies, where the services will be made through the plan of establishing a globally managed platform in key markets including Hong Kong, the United States and in the European Union / European Economic Area. Aenco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeneas Group Limited ("Aeneas"), which is a multi-disciplinary financial institution with a number of subsidiaries to achieve its objectives. Aenco's goal is to build a comprehensive global blockchain-based financial solutions platform while operating within a globally recognized regulatory framework as a prerequisite to improving regulatory requirements, using a decentralized blockchain-based finance ecosystem that combines traditional and modern methods of capital market services.

The AEN Token ecosystem is produced through three main pillars of Aenco's activities:
  • Ecosystems created through the core activities of IB and Prime Solutions Platform
  • Integration of the AEN token into the technological framework of traditional financial services operated by a globally planned regulatory infrastructure within the group; For example, through operations that drive financial deposit mechanisms, clearing payments and escrow services, active management and segregation of client assets
  • Cross-linking of all ecosystems developed through the publishing of sponsored tokens and our collaborative research opportunities with our healthcare technology company sponsored under our umbrella. For example, sharing medical utilities throughout the area includes, but is not limited to, (i) therapy; (ii) medical infrastructure such as laboratories, clinics, and equipment; and (iii) data analytics.

Through three service pillars at the Aenco Global HealthTech Blockchain AHC Financial Platform, the Aenco ecosystem will attract a large number of participants including institutional class participants, all with an interest and focus on health care technology-oriented opportunities, conflict parties, and projects. The institutional parties, namely:
  • Mitra HealthTech
  • Health care companies / HealthTech / MedTech and growing companies
  • Hedge funds focused on health care and generalists
  • Other major "medium to small" intermediaries around the world
  • Individual HealthTech centric traders and trading companies
  • Centralized centralization
  • The syndicate of financial institutions
  • A public crowdfunding party
  • The counterparties reporting regulation

That explanation about Aenco, may be useful for us all. Especially investors, May be interested in joining this project for mutual success.

AEN Token

AEN Token is a token based on Ethereum under the ERC223 standard. The premise of AEN digital tokens is to be an "exclusive membership" and a utility-based token designed to encourage Aenco's ecosystem activities, applications, and HealthTech network. The total supply of tokens for AEN is 4,000,000,000. 600,000,000 tokens will be offered in future sales. AEN must be registered on at least two (2) exchanges immediately after the initial token sale and will be publicly available for exchange and trade. Any unsold token shall be kept by Aenco and allocated to the Reserve to encourage the development and growth of the Aenco ecosystem, its community, and its partners.

Token Sale

AEN Token offerings are being conducted during one private session and two public sessions with varying bonus schemes. All tokens (Personal, ICO or ICO) will be allocated to the token ICO holder and the expiration date of the lock-up period with respect to the relevant sections. Details of the allocation date will be released through the Aenco website at and all Aenco community channels

Team & Advisors

  • Ian Huen - Co-Founder
  • Darren Lui - Co-Founder
  • Kenrick Fok - CFO
  • Geoff Tipy - CTO
  • Charles Lau - Managing Director
  • Erica Chan - Head of Wealth Management
  • Isabella Lai - Senior Director
  • Teddy Ip - Senior Director
  • Nick Wan - Co-Investment Director
  • Calvin Poon - Co-Investment Director
  • Ally Cheung - Head of Community Management
  • David Carey - Senior Cloud Engineer
  • Aaron Regala - Business Analyst
  • Andy Chan - Head of Insurance
  • Issac Cheung - Full-Stack Developer
  • Professor Douglas W. Arner - Senior Regulatory and Strategic Advisor
  • Virginia Lam - Marketing Advisor
  • Douglas Ching - Marketing Advisor
  • Dr. S.M. Yiu - Advisor
  • Jeff Marquass - Advisor
  • Dr. Albert Leung - Advisor
  • Dr. Kenny Yu - Advisor
  • Dr. Owen Ko - Advisor
  • Dr. Sunny Wong - Advisor
  • Dr. William Wu - Advisor
  • Joe Hui - Advisor
  • Julian Ting - Advisor
  • Shell Cheung - Advisor
  • Dr. Kevin Chan - Advisor
  • Jason Yau - Advisor

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

WeGold - A new wave of global tourism in Asia by applying blockchain technology

The development of the internet brings significant progress. More and more technology circulating and certainly shows that the progress of progress. One of the tangible evidence in blockchain technology is now taking over the role in all industries. This time the tourism industry is more accurately known as travel (travel) has adopted the blockchain so that makes the first travel blockchain in the World that fills the aspiration travel ecosystem in Asia is Wegold.

WeGold is one of the ICO projects in the blockchain world. WeGold (WGD) will enable the platform to realize the vision of the "Fair Share" ecosystem. This will be used to reward and incentivize all players to grow and scale platforms. WeGold Travel Token will drive the growth of "Travel PathFinders". people aspire to make a living by traveling, exploring and connecting the most aspirational world travel experience to the WEGOGO platform and getting the Token WeGold.


The WEGOGO platform was established in 2015, aiming to connect the growing FIT (Independent and Independent Visitors) in Asia with the world's most innovative travel experiences (eg island holidays, adventure activities, ecotourism tours and authentic local events). The WEGOGO app validates visitor requests for travel experiences. WEGOGO Private Limited is headquartered in Singapore, has its own development department in Shanghai to take over localized application development and customer support.


WeGold-WEGOGO's Travel Tokens (WGD) will be a new wave of global tourism in Asia. WeGold's goal is to apply blockchain technology to create a new type of collaborative tourism ecosystem. WeGold will adopt a leader-centered innovative business model and through WeGold Fair Reward and motivate all participants to share and connect with imaginative travel experiences from long-tailed markets around the world. A revolutionary "fair share and distribution" model will challenge today's market participants in the tourism industry and the "win-take-all" economic model through the characteristics of the decentralized blockchain.

Token WeGold (WGD) is a blockchain token created based on a standard Ethereum ERC-20 token. The WeGold test platform (WGD) allows a vision of a "fair share" ecosystem. It rewards and encourages all participants to grow and expand the platform. WeGold travel token will accelerate growth in the number of "tour guides". "Tour guide" refers to volunteers interested in traveling and/or exploration to connect the imaginative world travel experience with the WEGOGO platform and get the WeGold token. This Token is also used as platform-specific currency in the WEGOGO travel platform, so buyers do not have to pay for local currency exchange for various activities and travel experiences. Customers can purchase and receive WeGold token prizes based on their loyal behavior assessment such as their use and support. Future development projects aimed at enhancing the growth of the WEGOGO ecosystem can also be funded through the WeGold token. Another goal of WeGold is to allow WeGold tokens to be used by other travel platforms and encourage them to further improve the adoption and use of WeGold tokens.

Token Sale Details

The purpose of the WGD token sales is to accelerate the rapidly growing ecotourism of Asian ecosystems. The relevant WGD sales mechanism and details are as follows:
  • Token WeGold at a price of $ 0.037 per token.
  • The ETH price for each token is 0,00005769, so 1 ETH = 17,335 WGD
  • The limit is the US $ 88 million. The WGD token is available for sale. Token sales will end on July 28, 2018, 9:59:59 or after reaching the $ 88 million purchase limit. If all available tokens (3,400,000,000 tokens) have been sold, ETH (Ethernet) worth $ 88 million will be upgraded. Management has the discretion to end the initial sale of virtual currency on July 28, 2018.

Team & Advisors

  • WONG TOON KING - Chairman of WEGOGO & Managing Partner of FarSight Capital
  • MAK CHEE WAH - Founder & CEO of WEGOGO
  • RICHARD TAN - Co-Founder & COO of WEGOGO
  • YUE YEW HOONG - Co-Founder & CFO of WEGOGO
  • REENE HO-PHANG - Founder & MD of BrandStory
  • KATHLEEN TAN - President of China, AirAsia
  • DR ANDREW CHUA - Executive Chairman EASB East Asia Institute of Management
  • ROBIN YAP - Asia President of The Travel Corporation
  • JOHNSON CHNG - Executive Director of Chong Sing Fintech Holdings
  • PETER PHANG - China Managing Director of Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
  • LINUS THAM - Group CIO Parkway Healthcare
  • JASON THAM - CEO Rational Systems, Blockchain Technology Advisor
  • ELDWIN WONG - Entrepreneur & ICO Consultant
  • CHRISTOPHER YONG - Partner, Kennedys Legal Solutions

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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile :;u=1064448;sa=summary
ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

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