How To Make Millions Online PT 4: Email Marketing

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24 Replies to “How To Make Millions Online PT 4: Email Marketing”

  1. Hey Alex. I just had a question about SEO when I actually start my SEO business. How do I work on my clients website? Am even supposed to work directly on my clients website on there organic SEO.

  2. Sorry for the question, but how do you register a website as business? There are many options LLC, corporation, etc. Which one should I choose? Any advice for me? Thanks.

  3. Man i'm from the UK and we are always reluctant to give praise where it's due, but thanks so much. I have watched some boring ass tutorials in my life and it makes such a difference to have someone as animated and fun like you teaching me something! Keep up the great work and thanks again!

  4. Dude your shit is PRICELESS. Please keep making videos. I want to know the next steps in your business.
    I just made my websight following your tutorial. Never knew about hosting or domain names or anything about webmarketing at that.
    I'm a filmmaker so exploring more online marketing to get viewers into my channel will be interesting to figure out.

  5. Thank you so much for making these videos but what I don't understand is, lets say you manage to get a bunch of emails for a specific niche, who do I sell those leads to?
    Can you make a video where you make 100 bucks from scratch using what you've taught us? Just so we can better understand what you mean…

  6. I want to come to your show so badly.. but im from South Africa and with the rand/dollar im poor as shit.. but im rich with nock nock jokes.. please help me get there

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