What No One Tells You About Benefits Drinking Water for Skin and Hair!

benefit drinking water for skin and hair

Water is the best medicine for all the problems. Read to know more.

Water is an essential beauty product. Not only does it enhance your skin, hair and nails but it also gives you an inner glow thanks to all its benefits for your body. So next time you want a beauty boost, grab a glass!

Have you ever noticed your skin is dull when you have not had water the whole day or even for some hours. Yes, not drinking water, even for some hours, affects our body functions adversely. Our body is made 70% of water and the cells need water for every reaction they want to carry on. Thus, water is an essential ingredient. Try to increase your intake by one glass every day. It would help you look good, your hair would be healthy and your eyes will be bright. The water will eliminate all the toxins from your body.

1. Clear skin
Drinking water keeps your skin cleansed and hydrated, encouraging clear, fresh skin. By drinking water you flush out toxins and eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores of your skin, giving you a healthier glow.

2. Natural weight loss
You may not believe it but drinking water actually helps you to lose weight. A lot of the time when you feel hungry, you are actually thirsty, and when you drink water you feel fuller. This will stop you snacking needlessly. Replacing water with your usual drink such as fizzy or caffeine-based drinks is also good for your body. As well as the health benefits that water provides, it means that you are cutting out sugary junk drinks that are bad for you.

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3. Toning skin
Water helps to keep your skin tight and toned, cleansed and flushed of toxins. Your body naturally fills cells with water to make them firm and tight, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a smooth finish. When the cells are filled with water they become bulged and push against your skin from the inside, and this can help to reduce unsightly marks such as cellulite and flabby skin.

4. Glossy hair
Drinking water hydrates cells, and your hair is no exception. Drink plenty of water to make your hair naturally soft and silky. If you have frizzy or brittle hair, don’t bother with expensive products – just drink more water and you will see a difference in no time.

Water is a natural miracle ingredient which supports hair vitamin consumption while assisting in healthy and efficient hair growth.

5. A healthier you
What you put in your body really shows on the outside. Drinking water makes your blood thinner, leading to a faster blood flow and nourishment for your body cells. Lowering your blood pressure will give you a healthier heart and gives you much more energy. With your body feeling cleansed and in excellent working condition you will feel and look great, giving you a natural confidence boost.

How much water?
Experts recommend 2.5 litres a day, that is about 6–8 glasses, but as all bodies are different, check for your weight, height and age. The more you drink the more your body will crave water, so give it a go. You will quickly notice positive results.

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If you do not like the bland taste of water, you can go for coconut water or fill your bottle with green tea. They both are equally good for your skin, hair and weight.Do not ever wait to feel thirsty. Drink water every half hour according to your limit.This will ensure your needs are satisfied.

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