Practical Guide: Apply Eyeshadows For Blue Eyes

guide for blue eyes

Girls with blue eyes are known to have that seductive appearance. However, if you don’t know how to apply the right makeup to compliment your eyes, they will not be able to stand out. Blue eyes are beautiful, and by knowing what makeup to apply on your eyes, it will make them look even more stunning. Not many women know how to apply eye-shadows for blue eyes, as it seems like they are afraid the makeup will over power their eyes. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid that from happening.

>Avoid Mixing Too Much Colors Together

Avoid mixing too much colors together, because this will cause your eyes to look muddy. Since your eyes are already very colorful, you don’t need to apply too many different types of colors to your eyes. You don’t want the makeup to end up over powering your eyes, as the goal is to just enhance them.

>Only Use One Shade Of Blue

It is a known fact that blue eyeshadow looks amazing on blue eyes. However, that doesn’t mean you can apply different shades of blue to your eyes. You can only use one shade of blue so that it doesn’t cause your blue to look invisible from all the other shades.

>Eyeliner Is A Must

After you applied eyeshadow, you will need to apply eyeliner to achieve a seductive appearance. Applying eyeliner to the waterline and upper eyelid of your eyes will simply make your eyes pop. This is the best way to make pretty blue eyes look gorgeous and sexy. However, if you want to apply strong eyeliner to your eyes, you must consider to not apply too much eyeshadow. You want to only apply a decent amount of makeup, as your beautiful eyes are already very beautiful.

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What Color Eyeshadows Are Best For Blue Eyes?

  • Blue

Blue is obviously a great color for blue eyes as it allows blue eyes to look more defined. Nothing makes blue eyes look better than by actually using blue eyeshadow.

  • Black

Black is also a wonderful eyeshadow color that will compliment your blue eyes greatly. Black eyeshadow basically works for all types of eye colors, as it is sexy yet simple. However, you should never go overboard with black eyeshadow, as it will make your blue eyes look like they aren’t there.

  • Champagne Brown

Champagne eyeshadow is probably the second best eyeshadow color that women with blue eyes can use. This sophisticated and seductive color makes vibrant blue eyes look more beautiful. You may be shocked on how many popular blue eyed celebrities wear champagne colored eye-shadows more than blue eyeshadow. This color is a great match for blue eyes, making them look less strong and more relaxed and pretty.

If you want to learn how to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes, then you must consider to implement the effective tips above while applying makeup. By knowing what type of makeup you’re supposed to wear, your blue eyes will look more beautiful and sexy.

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