Is Acrylic Nails Damaging Your Nails?

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You want to beautify your looks by having acrylic nails as a part of your look accessories. But some people say that those nails are dangerous and now you’re left with the concerns that crylic nails damage your nails, but is it true?

Before talking about any damages caused by the nails, let’s talk about the crylic or acrylic nails first, shall we? Crylic nails are the artificial nails that are formed to cover the natural nails. It’s using the combination of powder and liquid acrylic which then applied on the top of the natural nail. Most women who have difficulties of lengthening their nails often turn to this method to make their hands and nails look beautiful and elegant. Of course their nails look gorgeous, but there’re several advantages and disadvantages that you can get from the nails procedure – the crylic nails damage your nails is included.

The basic advantage is that your hand and nails will look absolutely gorgeous. But if you often work with your hands – washing, typing, or doing household chores – then having the crylic nails won’t be suitable as they easily chip off. Crylic nails tend to get yellowish over time, so you need to think of that. The maintenance and care should be done professionally by the nail salon, so imagine how much money you’ll spend. Not only crylic nails damage your nails, they also damage your financials.

Why are the nails considered destructive? Well, here’re the steps to apply the crylic nails:

  • When crylic nails are applied, the technician will cut your nails and push back the cuticles
  • She will have to buff your natural nail surface in order to make rough effect so the acrylic nails will be attached perfectly.
  • Afterwards, she will glue the crylic to your natural nails.

Because of these methods, the concern of crylic nails damage your nails exist because your natural nails need to be roughed up. If you still want to have such treatment, it’s up to you, but just be ready for the risk you and your nails are about to get.

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