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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Government Network - Removing Limits in Every Country

The Government Network (TGN) is a platform that acts as an ecosystem that can balance law in the world. The main vision, as well as the goal of the formation of the TGN, is to make the country without limits. By using blockchain technology, TGN seeks to unite technology with all elements in the government. All of that is done solely to help the government in the welfare of its people. TGN has 3 main tasks, namely:
  1. Providing innovation and solutions to the government
    The network contained on the TGN platform and its decentralized nature can improve the quality of the results of several government activities such as voting or general elections. Actually, not only general elections but voting can also be done in the form of a petition. With the TGN, voting or petitions become more efficient and more democratic. TGN will also provide alternative solutions regarding governance which is certainly better than existing systems.
  2. Creating a new government system based on the people and for the people
    In addition to the system formed by the government, the people will naturally build their own systems in several fields. The system was formed because of the habits of the people. The existence of a system that was accidentally formed by the people can be a separate obstacle to the smooth running of the government system. The TGN can unite the two systems that are often different so that the system applied to a country can prosper the people.
  3. Implement governance solutions that can be used as examples for other countries' governments
    If the TGN succeeds in inspiring other government systems, this is the same as TGN has contributed to the development of the world in a better direction in various aspects. The TGN will work with the High Court in a country to disseminate information on existing governance needs in the world and then find innovative solutions. In this case, the High Court acts as a home for people who have a voice about the law that needs to be corrected.


The Government Network began to be available in the crowdsale which will be carried out by companies in Belize. The company will create a GovLab that manages the manufacture of the TGN DAO and is responsible for development. GovLab consists of people who are experts in this field as well as developers of various fields needed. After the completion of the DAO, GovLab will be included in the DAO and its function will be transformed into a means of promoting people's participation and building an innovation until a critical mass is reached.


There are tools that all parties must have before they can utilize the various programs available in The Government Network. The tool is a currency that can only be used on the TGN platform and is named the NTN token. Making NTN tokens will not be limited, with the hope that these tokens can participate in the maximum market. The price of 1 NTN token is set at $ 1. With these prices, it is expected that NTN tokens can replace fluctuating cryptocurrency as a means of payment.


In addition to NTN tokens, in The Government Network, there is also another token called the GOV token. The technology used in the Gov token is ERC20. GOV tokens can only be used to use several programs on the TGN platform. If the number of NTN tokens is unlimited, the number of GOV tokens is limited to 125,000,000 with 70% of tokens sold in 3 stages of the sale. Currently, the sale of the third stage tokens is underway and will last until November 30 at 10:00 GMT. A total of 62,500,000 or 50% of GOV tokens will be available at the crowdsale at this stage. 

Differences in NTN Tokens and GOV Tokens

To better understand the differences between the two tokens, the table above explains the difference between NTN tokens and GOV tokens. 1 GOV token has the same value as 100 NTN. Exchange on both tokens can be done using a swap mechanism. Each exchange made between the two tokens will automatically print new NTN tokens.


The Government Network divides sales into 3 stages and is currently in the third stage of sales. The following is the TGN roadmap:

Before buying a token in the sale of this last stage, you must know the types of sales packages in advance by the TGN. TGN divides its clients into several parties, namely volunteers, citizens, ambassadors, and nation supporters. And here are the sales packages available in the TGN crowdsale:

With the understanding that has been held regarding the TGN platform, it is expected that the vision and goals of the creation of the TGN can be more easily achieved.

TGN Team

  • Jens Lievens - Team Leader
  • Michael V. Khalsa - Lead Visionary
  • Washington Kapapiro - Head of Development and Expansion
  • Tim Mak - Token Strategy and Operations
  • Bukhosi Sibanda - Project Manager Africa
  • Genelle Keswick - Brand & Communication Lead
  • Gaurav Areng Chakraverti - Community Engagement Strategist
  • Efraim Wyeth - Advisor
  • Dr. Mustafa Disli - Advisor

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