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Monday, November 12, 2018

Let's Manage the Use of Carbon Credit with Poseidon

At present climate change is of particular concern to various countries. All countries should take action to reduce adverse effects to keep the earth safe. The biggest factor that causes climate change is due to human behavior that does not protect the environment. Bad man's behavior causes natural carbon on the earth to disappear and greenhouse gases to increase. The earth becomes feasible for humans because of the atmosphere that keeps the temperature of the earth. With the increase in greenhouse gases, harmful gases trap heat in the atmosphere layer which then gives it to the earth so that the earth's temperature changes.

Various policies have been carried out by governments in various countries to reduce climate change. One policy that is mostly done is to limit carbon use by all parties. Each party is required to buy carbon from the government but with a limited quota. If a party requires more carbon than a quota, then the party must buy it from the quota of the other party. In addition, all parties are also required to do something that has a positive impact on the environment.


Poseidon is a platform that cares about climate change has tried to help all parties reduce the negative impact on the earth's climate from the activities carried out. Currently, carbon credits are traded in tons, Poseidon has the vision to trade in units of grams. The programs established by Poseidon force their clients to carry out activities that have a positive impact on the environment. One of Poseidon's programs is donations collected from its clients. The donation will be used for environmental protection activities. In addition to the program, Poseidon has other differences that make Poseidon better than its competitors:

Blockchain and Stellar technology

Poseidon uses blockchain technology with Stellar as its partner to unite the carbon market with the retail sector. Stellar was chosen because the platform is the only one that offers scalability and matches the values ​​in Poseidon. In addition, the Stellar platform uses less electricity which is in line with carbon reduction efforts. The electricity used by Stellar is far less than that used by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and VISA. With technology and selected partners, retailers will be able to sell carbon credits on each product to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.


There are 2 main things on the Poseidon platform namely OCEAN and CARBONCREDIT. The OCEAN Token is a tool to buy CARBONCREDIT, which CARBONCREDIT is used to regulate ownership of carbon credits. A total of 36 billion OCEAN tokens have been created and no token combustion or additional supply of tokens has been burned. OCEAN token purchases can be made on the secondary market or Poseidon's liquidity pool. 30% of the number of tokens made will be allocated to the liquidity pool.


The main thing that is asked by each party to reduce carbon is the cost that must be spent. With Poseidon, costs no longer have to be a mess. Poseidon uses AI that can calculate carbon quantities in real-time and provides recommendations for activities that are more environmentally friendly. In addition, AI can also predict the urgency of offsets and the number of funds that must be given to projects that require large funds. Poseidon uses 80% of its funds from the sale of OCEAN tokens to buy carbon credits at wholesale prices. Although Poseidon is a new platform in the market since May 2018, Poseidon managed to achieve success in a short time. The following is the Poseidon roadmap for 2018 and 2019:

With the addition of agreements signed between clients, companies and the government, it shows that Poseidon has become the platform with the biggest blockchain technology in the carbon credit market.

Team & Advisors

  • Laszlo Giricz - Founder and CEO
  • Chidi Akutu - COO
  • Cesare Tagliaferri - CTO
  • Ian Briggs  - CINO
  • Alexander Gnauck - CCO
  • Brad Yasar - Business Strategy 
  • Michael Cutler - Lead Developer 
  • David Parejo - Business Development Manager
  • Willie Thompson - Communications Manager
  • Abyel Mehari - Community Manager
  • Lisa Walker - Climate Change Expert
  • Rene Velasquez - Carbon Markets Expert
  • Jessica Verhagen - Carbon Trading Expert
  • David Webb - Technology Expert
  • Justin Mundy - Former Director The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit
  • Kristin Rechberger - Founder and CEO Dynamic Planet
  • Peter McCullagh - Founder and Managing Partner TenX Ventures Inc
  • Anthony Hobley - Chief Executive Officer Carbon Tracker Initiative

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