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Monday, November 5, 2018

London Block Exchange - The First Cryptocurrency Exchange Company in London

Cryptocurrency always shows good development in various countries, not least in the United Kingdom. Although the British government has not officially regulated the development of cryptocurrency, there are already institutions that regulate cryptocurrency in all EU member states. With the development of cryptocurrency, more and more new companies are using or even struggling in the field of cryptocurrency. The company is in a different field but still in the scope of cryptocurrency. One of them is a company that handles the exchange of various types of cryptocurrency.


The London Block Exchange or abbreviated as LBX is a company located in London, England. LBX is the only company that deals with the exchange of various types of cryptocurrency by offering a UK banking program that is already protected, so security is guaranteed. Although located in England, LBX clients come from various countries. The LBX client does not only consist of individuals, but there are also institutions that are LBX clients. The diversity of clients owned makes LBX highly prioritizing and always focusing on security, customer experience, and education. LBX is in the field of exchanging cryptocurrency with several major objectives, namely to help all its clients in exchanging their owned cryptocurrency, also helping all countries to be able to join and be involved in the digital money revolution.

Money development is indeed fast. Nowadays money is increasingly heading towards digital forms. More and more people are holding a small amount of money, this is because the money they have saved is in digital form in the form of a card or in a gadget. Money in digital form is indeed easier and more practical than having to carry large amounts of cash. LBX was built to help the digital money revolution so that all countries can make the revolution more smooth.


    The token used in LBX is called LBXu token. LBXu Tokens are the main tool for using every product and service available on the London Block Exchange. Before clients get the products and services needed, clients must have tokens by buying them using the applicable currency.
  2. LBX PAY
    LBX became the first company to pioneer several products and services in cryptocurrency in the UK. In addition to LBXu tokens, there is also the first crypto payment account in the UK called LBX Pay. LBX Pay has a key feature hidden in the advanced trading platform owned by LBX. LBX Pay is the only payment method available on the London Block Exchange. In addition to LBXu and LBX Pay tokens, LBX also has several other advantages including high-speed API accessibility, LBX Custody, cost reduction, and market security. 
  3. BLOG
    LBX is committed to continuing to broaden the horizons of newcomers and experienced crypto traders. The insight given by LBX is about the world of cryptocurrency itself and about Blockchain technology that is in the cryptocurrency transaction system. The commitment was proven by LBX with the creation of a blog containing articles on the LBX website. The article can contain news, opinions, or the results of analysis on the cryptocurrency.
    Other services provided by LBX are market reports that can be obtained for free every day. The report contains movements or market conditions that can change every day. Services like this aim to assist clients in making decisions, so that the decisions taken are the right decisions.
    The last service offered by LBX is LBX Over-the-Counter (OTC). In this service, trading execution is offered up to more than £ 100,000 in various types of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and others. Clients can also be paired with GBP account managers who have a high level of service, deep market knowledge, and recognized daily market updates.

The many programs and services offered by the London Block Exchange deserve to make LBX the first cryptocurrency exchange company in London. In the future, the LBX opportunity to grow is very large with more and more diverse clients. This estimate is getting stronger with the fact that the digital money revolution cannot be avoided by all countries.

Token Details
Total Supply
250M LBXu
Available For Pre-sale
100M LBXu
Pre-sale hard Cap
100,000 ETH
Pre-sale Price
1 ETH = 1,000 LBXu
Sep. 2018: 30%
Oct. 2018: 20%
Nov. 2018: 10%


That was the brief explanation of the London Block Exchange (LBX). To get more detailed information please click the link below

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