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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

IOVO - Democratizing Data Monetization for All Participating Parties.

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. The ICO project itself is useful in helping finance in a project that aims to nothing but succeeds in the project. One of which will be discussed is an ICO project called IOVO (Internet of Value Omniledger). What are an IOVO and all about IOVO will be discussed here.

IOVO is DAG, a network database that secures the ownership and management of personal data to reduce the future of diminishing human values. IOVO is designed to allow individuals and entities to retake ownership of their data. IOVO facilitates and automates the process of managing personal data and monetization. IOVO DAG provides infrastructure for each and all future dApps based on user values and/or focuses on data usage, including (but not limited to) finance, credit, insurance, banking, news, and non-monetary payments.


The aim of the IOVO is to democratize monetization of data for all participating parties. While the main function of the IOVO is to collect, store and secure user data that is shared with applications built at IOVO DAG.

There are two main reasons why IOVO is needed, namely:
  1. Large organizations harvest and process data produced by the activities of almost every human being on the planet. Individuals do not have control over this, and they do not have technical assistance to determine how their data is used. Data is harvested and monetized while individuals who produce data do not see the benefits. Once centralized, this personal data is easily used by unauthorized and often hostile entities.
  2. There is a need for a cumulative universal database that can be easily accessed and analyzed. IOVO DAG is a comprehensive network database that can be accessed by analysts and researchers from every field.

The facilities provided by the IOVO for several participating parties include:
  1. USER
    The IOVO provides ownership to users and full control of digital values ​​and their privacy, along with the data transfer process that shifts from large data collection organizations to end users. The benefits of IOVO for users include:
    • Data wallet and access to the IOVO network
    • Data ownership
    • Data security and transparency
    • Data monetization
    • Anonymity.
    IOVO guarantees full data security for decentralized application and application operators. It also facilitates the monetization of this data (with user approval) and supports user growth by meeting stringent data security and privacy standards. IOVO benefits for dApp and application owners include:
    • Access to a comprehensive global database through a data wallet
    • Monetization of data owned
    • Data security
    • Acquisition of more users
    • The history that cannot be modified.
    IOVO is a strong network database for search, analysis, and inference. This infrastructure is very analytical friendly and is equipped with easy access to external analytical tools. Researchers and analysts can also use the tools and solutions delivered by IOVO. IOVO benefits for companies and data analysts include:
    • Large data access to complete the network
    • Data research and analysis
    • Full anonymity
    • Direct contact with users surveyed
    • Secure and historical data storage that cannot be modified.

By combining all types of personal data generated by dApps users based on DAG, IOVO serves as a complete large data infrastructure that is able to provide answers to complex research and analysis questions. So, IOVO returns data control back to the people who made it, along with the freedom to manage and monetize all their digital records.

That is a brief review of IOVO. for more details, just visit the official site Hopefully, this article is useful for all of us who read it.


Team & Advisors

  • Krzysztof Gagacki - Co-Founder
  • Joshua Hong - Head of investments
  • Zbigniew Kostrzewa - Co-Founder
  • Maciek Żakowski - Creative Director
  • Mariusz Mac - Head of community
  • Łukasz Majewski - CTO
  • Robert Rhodin - Business Developer
  • Magda Makowska - Head of communications
  • Łukasz Mazurek - Head of cryptography
  • Remigiusz Kwiatkowski - Blockchain developer
  • Bartosz Lach - Blockchain developer
  • Kamil Kiełczewski - Wallet developer
  • Tomek Odrzygóżdż - Blockchain developer
  • Krzysztof Kunowski - Head of mobile 
  • Brittany Kaiser - Executive Advisor
  • Dongliang Gao - Executive Advisor
  • Dan Jeffries - Advisor
  • Nicolette Kahen - Advisor

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