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Friday, November 9, 2018


The application of augmented reality (AR) technology is heading to its peak. Today, AR technology is increasingly being used as an application that can be used in smart devices, one example is the Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Go is the most popular AR implementation because the popularity of Pokemon Go is very high even if not for a long time. AR technology is commonly used by technology companies to make something new that is amazing, for example, to bring up a holographic character that looks like real.

For some people, the term augmented reality (AR) still sounds foreign or even unheard of before. Augmented reality abbreviated AR is a technology that combines two-dimensional and/or 3-dimensional virtual objects into a 3-dimensional real environment. Even though it has a similar name, AR with virtual reality (VR) is two different things. VR provides recreation in digital form from what is in real life, while AR provides virtual elements as overlays in the real world.


In addition to being a form of play in smart devices, AR has been implemented in the form of other applications. ARROUND, a platform with decentralized AR technology. This platform consists of 4 elements that are integrated and can give birth to the backbone of all AR projects in various parts of the world. The 4 elements in ARROUND are universal advertising networks, reality markets, social sector platforms, and the next generation of AR.

ARROUND is a platform that is engaged in advertising. The target of consumers from all people or companies that use ARROUND will be more involved in the creative campaigns that are carried out. The creative campaign is of course with the use of AR technology and the strength of the largest data, which is obtained using AR technology, for the first time in the world. In addition, blockchain technology is also used in this platform. Data security is guaranteed by blockchain technology. With existing technology and networks, ARROUND has a great opportunity to change the thinking of everyone in seeing the world.

Not only ARROUND, but there are also several similar platforms that compete with the advantages possessed by each platform. The following is an ARROUND comparison table with several similar platforms:
In addition, there are several main reasons why everyone, especially entrepreneurs, must use ARROUND:
  1. Already have cooperation with global companies
  2. The speed of AR technology market growth is very large, reaching 65% CAR
  3. MVP is easy to get because it is available on iOS and Android
  4. Products offered by ARROUND are very innovative and comprehensive
  5. ARROUND has an experienced team with a very good track record


The token is a must-have currency before using ARROUND. Each platform must make its own token. Token in the ARROUND format named ARR. ARR tokens have smart contracts ERC20 on the blockchain network Ethereum. ARR tokens are the key to running all series in ARROUND including advertising payment activities, revenue from social networks, and AR Store and global 3D AR maps. This image is a model of using ERC20 on the ARROUND platform:

A total of 3 billion ARR tokens will be sold at a price of US $ 0.035 per one ARR token. ARR tokens are released after ICO and sold on the cryptocurrency exchange. ARROUND will receive several types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Unsold tokens will later be burned. Tokens can be purchased using fiat money with an adjusted exchange rate.

To be able to buy the token offered, each party must first register on the website and exchange cryptocurrencies to offer tokens. After the token is entered automatically. If the type of cryptocurrency owned is not Ethereum (ETH), the address of the Ethereum account is still needed in this process.

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