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Saturday, November 17, 2018

AEN - The decentralized Sex Market with Blockchain Technology

Sex is one of the human needs and it is natural. When someone needs sex, then that person will look for sexual partners out there. and that will waste your valuable time. Now you can find sexual partners very easily through your smartphone. A decentralized sex market is needed to allow all humans on earth to find perfect sexual partners anonymously.

AEN builds a free community where members can feel the pleasures of the world without worrying about government or government religious censorship or the implications of third parties. With absolute anonymity and user satisfaction as the main beliefs, the aim is to eliminate unwanted effects for all involved in the sex industry. because everyone needs sex, AEN has made this vital tool to provide unstoppable services for anyone and anywhere in the world.

Vision and mission


AEN has the vision to solve all the main weaknesses and problems that currently exist in this multi-billion dollar industry. To achieve this, AEN sets a number of objectives:
  • Improve traditional business models to completely eliminate the need for intermediaries, reduce overall costs and the risk of fraud, errors, and delays.
  • Solve unfair income distribution by creating a more transparent incentive-based ecosystem where participants are given sufficient rewards based on the value they add to the network.
  • Eliminating the high cost of payments, chargebacks, and refunds by building a decentralized blocking-based payment environment driven by tokenization.
  • Reducing bandwidth costs and drastically increasing latency, resilience, and centralization by moving to decentralized peer-to-peer (storage) networks based on Bittorent philosophy.
  • Improve privacy and security for all network participants by implementing smart contract technology combined with IPFS, and Bluzelle,
  • Eliminate restrictions imposed by banks, credit card companies, payment server providers, and advertising companies by building a neutral content platform where freedom of expression is paramount.
  • Against piracy: by combining strength, we can survive the abuse of content, thus protecting the rights of all network participants, partners and ourselves.

AEN Vision

AEN has a mission to offer everyone the possibility to share their sexual desires with others without shame and with complete control over their identity, AEN will develop an adult ecosystem based on Blockchain technology.

Precision Settings

The AEN platform lets you find ideal porn videos with just a few clicks. Equipped with complex filters based on skill qualifications, age, eyes, hair color and other parameters of the body, a friendly and interactive buyer interface is the perfect place to fulfill all your fantasies.

one of the main ideas of AEN project is to eliminate intermediaries or third in the sex industry and ensure that controls are returned to those who obtain and pay for them. As a decentralized market, AEN has created products based on anonymity and complete security. Working on the principle of peer-to-peer, the AEN portal is identified by the Ethereum address, not the IP address.


  • Porn Website
    Premium sites, free sites, blogs, and direct webcam sex sites are used to promote Pornscope. 
  • Live show
    Live curly shows and real porn photos will empower Pornscope with unique content. 
  • Mainstream media
    Mainstream applications and TV channels are used to make Pornscope known to millions of viewers. 
  • Video on Demand Platform
    Our porn-on-demand platform offers Pornscope users the opportunity to experience how porn movies are made. 
  • Escort Platform
    Amazing high-class escorts will take care of online marketing and marketing for Pornscope. 
  • Distribution Network
    Adult products will be used for prizes and awards, and as an additional income tool for players.

Affiliate system

Adult networks such as AEN measure their success based on the number of visitors, Quality traffic is very important and one of the best ways to achieve this, through exposure. AEN has the luxury of being able to utilize existing networks. Paid promotions will also be a carrying capacity, but nothing works better than word of mouth from satisfied users and artists. AEN encourages affiliates to drive traffic to adult entertainment networks by giving them rewards with 20% profit sharing from all purchases made by users they refer.

Tokenized store system

Although the market for static content (video, images, recordings) continues to decline, money remains the best way for players and platform owners to earn extra income, fans are constantly looking for unique, never seen before material starring favorite players. Some, maybe just missed their latest broadcast. Why do we have to limit players to only stream streaming revenue, while there are many other parts of the pie shared? Right! And this is where the AEN store platform is very useful; This provides a semi-automatic way for players to sell and share their broadcasts. They can even add special content such as picture albums, videos, and documents. Like most AEN features, players are free to activate/deactivate the store system from within their profile settings. When activated, recordings are saved automatically and become available directly in a personalized store.

Decentralized advertising market

The AEN internal advertising market has been built to allow players and advertisers to be able to close single transactions without the need for intermediaries. This feature is completely free and is intended for so-called promotional advertisements. For a moment, to reward performance financially to test or review new adult products such as toys or underwear and/or by offering percentage deductions for each product sold through their channels.

for more information, you can visit ( or see the whitepaper and supporting media channels.


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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile :;u=1064448
ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339


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